Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tales from the Angle

The fall lull had set in, that time that is stuck between the end of summer and the opening of deer season. I am always up for an adventure. I’ve climbed glaciers in Alaska and fished in lakes so remote in northern Ontario that I had to hike five miles down an old Hudson Bay Trading trail just to get there. Truly unique destinations are worth going out of the way to experience. So when talk came up of visiting Lake of the Woods to experience not only world-class walleye fishing but to experience the best of Minnesota waterfowl hunting, I jumped. As it happened our trip also coincided with the Minnesota youth deer hunting season. It was the perfect opportunity to bring my niece Megan along for the youth deer hunt.
Want to Read more? Pick up the fresh new edition of Indiana Outdoor News. Our adventures in the Angle are detailed in the center spread this month.

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