Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big, Rich (and slightly scary) Texas

I found myself at loose ends last night, which is unusual for me. In light of nothing needing done I did some channel surfing. I some how landed on Big Rich Texas on myStyle network.

Now I have to admit that I enjoy the occasional Jerseylicious moment and I have been inspired by Ruby but this Big Rich Texas last night was scary. What hooked me in was they were talking about the annual pheasant hunt. Cool. I wanted to see how they did it down in the Lone Star State, especially because they said it was a posh venue.
Two of the Barbies went to the Beretta store to get outfitted for the hunt. I wondered if they did this every year what exactly did they need?

The one old Barbie walks into the gun room and asks not for the proper gun for her, rather she asks for "The most expensive gun." The gun they show her isn't all that expensive, but since she did't know guns from her backside she didn't realize the difference, it's more about status than functionality. To cement this point, she cackles that her bullets are more expensive than what her nemesis Barbie can afford. Hey- maybe Mattel should consider a nemesis Barbie for next Christmas season. She could come with optional plastic surgeon Ken and a spoiled Skipper to hang out with.
I kept watching, despite that fact that I knew I shouldn't. It was like a train wreck. I had to know if they were going to 'accidentally' wound one another in a Dick Cheneyesque moment.

The hunting property they went to was beautiful. Like so many Texas hunting ranches it was set up to impress, though they showed very little of the ranch. The guide quickly took out the first group of women with the hunting dogs. The guide looked nervous, especially after the cougars commented about his hunting chaps.

I turned it off after one of the women screamed after she shot a pheasant like she had been shot and completely freaked out the guide. That guide had guts though, he gave her gun back. I don't think that I would have got anywhere near those women.

At that point I had enough. I couldn't watch anymore-I was concerned with never getting back the time I wasted on watching these spoiled clueless women. I love going to Texas to hunt and I am glad that I had very little contact with women like these.

Now on to more important things like finding some of those real expensive 'bullets' for my 870 Wingmaster.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines

Come by and say Hi at the Lightfield Ammo Booth at the Iowa Deer Classic
I can't wait to see the big Buck contest and do a little shopping on my breaks!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular

Stop by the Lightfield Ammo booth at the Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular to say 'hi' or share your hunting stories with myself and Mark Smith of Lightfield's Wild Adventures TV