Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turkey Tracks Wrap up

Turkey Tracks 2012 was a huge success.  31 hunters took to the field this year and 21 birds were harvested through the weekend.  Saturday evening at the Landowner's appreciation dinner, emotions were high.  16 birds had been harvested by dinner time with one double beard making his grand appearance just after dinner.  

Two Turkeys down for Turkey Tracks Hunter
 Jerry and his Guide Mark
This was the first Turkey Tracks event since Eric Corey passed away and his absence was felt by all.  I don't think we all realized the magnitude of Eric's foresight when he first came up with the Turkey Tracks concept.  It was an incredible tribute to see all the hunters enjoying themselves and the joy that those that guided them also felt.
Carol Corey, Eric's Mom had some awesome surprises for some of the younger hunters, Erin Martin was selected to go on another hunt to Texas.  Also a hunting organization out of Michigan gave hunts to those of the hunters under 21 that met their organizations guidelines.  So many of the young hunters came for one hunt and left having the opportunity to take part in another.
I personally loved hearing our hunter, Jerry's story of taking his Tom.  He passed up a couple of jakes early.  I wondered if a Tom would present an opportunity for him. It had been a difficult turkey season so far and opportunities were slim.   Not only did Jerry take a Tom he was so excited he passed his gun to Mark and told him to take the other Tom, since he knew Mark hadn't had an opportunity to take a Indiana bird yet.
What a great double to capture on film.  It was Jerry's first Tom, and I hope not his last.  Providing land and guiding hunters through Turkey Tracks, is an incredible experience.  Seeing the joy and camaraderie shared though the weekend, just cemented the certainty that programs like this are needed through out the outdoor community.

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