Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Squirrel Season!!

The injury last August
Squirrel season opens today!!  The first day of fall hunting season is here.  Squirrel is just the first of the seasons, soon we will enjoying the migratory birds that are already beginning to appear here.  Mourning Doves open on September 1st, also Rail, Teal and Canada Goose open the same day.
I can't wait to get out and test my skills on the wing.  
Soon deer season will be here.  I began preparing this morning with a workout.  I know that might not seem like the first thought for preparing for the hunting season, however, it is important to be prepared for the conditions that I will be hunting in.
Last year I suffered a devastating knee injury on the brink of hunting season. We will filming for the TV show in Wisconsin at the time, I appeared in all my Curves in Camo glory in the medical tent.  The injury sidelined me until the end of September and I completely missed out on alligator hunting and scallop diving in Florida.  I stepped this morning into the gym that I belong to for the first time in almost a year.  I was hesitant and I felt stupid for injuring myself so badly. 
The AGLOW conference in September post surgery
I didn't need to feel intimidated, I was welcomed back to training with hugs and encouragements.  Going the first day is the most difficult, whether it's starting a new program or picking up again after an injury or absence.  I made it through with encouragement and much sweat.  Being welcomed back to the Lifeplex was just what I needed to reclaim my fitness.
This hunting season I have squirrel season and early migratory bird hunting before I leave for the trip I missed last year-gator hunting in Florida. I have a busy season planned-writing conferences, archery hunts, and Hobies in Northern Minnesota are on the short list.  Helping out some other women  harvest deer and fowl is a first priority.  It will be a packed fall with opportunities to fill the freezer with a variety of game.  Thanks to the Lifeplex I will be ready for what ever life throws at me. 

Scallop diving in the Gulf of Mexico
I hope hunting season finds everyone else well and ready to enjoy nature.

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  1. Sounds like you made a great recovery. Good luck out there in the field.