Monday, January 21, 2013

Winnebago for Sturgeon, Come on In!

Deer season is behind me.  While I didn't harvest a buck, I did get a very nice doe during shotgun season.  I had plenty of opportunity but the buck I was after didn't present any opportunities. Now the opportunity to ice fish is here.  With temperatures hovering right around 15 degrees, it feels like the right weather. In northern Indiana we usually get enough ice to at least do some fishing on the ice.  For big ice a trip north is in order.  In just a couple of weeks I am scheduled to head back to Fond du Lac Wisconsin for a women's weekend on the ice.
I've fished Fond du Lac several times in the warmer months but this will be my first time on the ice on this large inland lake.  It will also be my first time going for sturgeon through the ice.  I'm excited, these ancient fish roll on top of the water during the summer months.  I will be getting my smoker ready for the sturgeon that we take on this trip. Check out Women On Winnebago