Thursday, May 19, 2016

St. Croix Thriving in the North Woods

 Everyone who wondered what goes into making one of America’s favorite fishing rods can find out.  By simply calling 1-800-826-7042 and booking a spot for a small group tour of the St. Croix Rod factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin.
Behind the scenes at least 32 different employees care for each St Croix Rod from blank to finished product.  Unlike other companies ordering blanks from overseas, St. Croix is still hand crafting rods here in Wisconsin to a higher standard.
The finished product speaks volumes, as does the commitment to servicing the customer after the fact.  Several stations at the factory are dedicated to repair of rods.  They make the rods good as new then get the fishing rod back to the customer. 

The St. Croix Factory is a short drive from the heart of Iron County and worth a trip to the North woods.  It is a reminder of what has made our county thrive since it’s founding.  Do what you love and do it well.