Friday, February 24, 2017

Combat Cabin Fever with CVBs

Finding things to do during a long winter can be a task, however, if you think like you are visiting your own backyard it can become quite a bit less so.  Often, I hear folks complain about nothing to do, when was the last time you accessed Convention and Visitors Bureau information?  Most likely
Sudden Snow is Part of the MidWestern Life
never for the area that you live in.  Your local convention and visitors bureau is a wealth of information for what is happening right now and into the future for your area.  They want you and people outside your area to have the up to date information, so that events are successful and the area you live in thrives.

Most Convention and Visitors Bureaus or CVBs have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  They are user friendly sources of up to date free information.  For example, here in Indiana the South Shore CVA (Convention and Visitors Authority) is promoting  Maple Sugar Time at the Dunes beginning on March 4th. This weekend also at the Indiana National Lake Shore, Learn about two women who paddled a dugout canoe around the entire shoreline of Lake Michigan at The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Visitors Center on the 26th.  LaPorte County CVB offers similar activities with Maple Sugaring at Friendship Botanic Gardens on the 5th of March.

If sugar maples aren't your thing, maybe a little Geocaching across the boarder in Harbor Country.  Exploring the backroads in Michigan is never a bad idea, seeing nature from a slightly different point of view is a great way to spend the weekend.  The point is, get out of your house.  Explore your neighborhoods with fresh eyes.  See the wonder that's right there.  Most likely it's cheap or free entertainment.  You might learn something about where you live, you might learn a new skill, you might meet different people.  You will be off your sofa and outside.

Finding activities in a community is easy
when you discover where to look. Being local doesn't guarantee that you will know about everything in your community. Use resources like CVBs to find the events or activities that will fit your lifestyle and family dynamic.  The CVBs want to help you and the organizations in their regions.  Engage with your communities and with nature, it's what you're meant to do.

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