Tuesday, February 28, 2017

National Wild Turkey Spring Guide

Set up waiting for the Strutter  
The National Wild Turkey Federation has put out a Spring Turkey Guide for states with a season.  It will be here quickly so those that wish to hunt need to plan accordingly.  The bag limits and seasons dates vary wildly so know the areas that you intend to hunt and what the laws are prior to going into the field.  Double check the facts in this guide with the state DNR web sites to insure that nothing has changed between publication of facts and time of your hunt.

Last night I made a wonderful paella with half a wild turkey breast.  For my first attempt at paella, I believe it was a success.The Fragrant Lemon and piquant edge of the chorizo set off the lean of the wild turkey breast. I can't wait to hunt again this year and to share my new paella recipe with my friends in camp during turkey season.  I will share the recipe tomorrow on my blog.

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