Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Niagara Falls USA

If you have never been to Niagara Falls USA, whatever you think you know about it is probably wrong.  I know, I was wrong.  I knew Niagara Falls USA from my Grandparents, they went there on their honeymoon.  It was old school, it was tired, I was way off the mark.  My first visit to Niagara Falls USA wasn't anything I expected.  

Niagara Falls USA is iconic, it is the Falls, it is stories of dare devils and you can see the wonder from the Maid of the Mist, which I did. Niagara Falls USA is also kayaking. Just take a peak at my article from a couple years ago Hobies on the Niagara.  It's about slowing down and enjoying your family and the outdoors.  $608 Million dollars come into the Niagara Falls USA community every year through tourism. 

I can't say enough good things about Niagara Falls USA, mainly because it was surprising.  Surprising in a good way is so rare.  We are all so connected that nothing is new, nothing is surprising.  What I found in Niagara Falls USA were, unique outdoor experiences, I fished on Lake Erie and on Lake Ontario.  I saw what dedication to reclamation of water can do for the rust belt. I saw what removal of dams has done for native species in the Great Lakes. I saw our nation's history at a fort and wondered if my relatives stood there on those same shores wondering if we would ever be a free nation. I saw nesting gulls. I saw the Ramone's memorabilia in the Hard Rock. I ate some of the best chicken wings of my life in Lewiston, New York! 

When I say I love New York, I don't mean that other part of New York. I mean this part of New York.  I mean a place where the people are friendly, the food is great, the music is good, nature is out the back door, there is only one New York that calls to me, Niagara Falls USA

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